Modern Energy Monitoring & Management Solutions

Get the Most Out of Smart Energy Management

Revolutionary energy solutions are becoming mandatory. So how can you ensure that you’re getting the most out of your energy source? By investing in IoT technology, you can connect your equipment and analyze your output, leading to maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
Energy & Agriculture Solutions

Smart Fracking

Fracking involves lots of pumps — which means lots of opportunities for issues. Our Smart Fracking solution monitors the pumps and alerts customers to potential problems, which reduces unplanned downtime. Monitoring data can be sent to any preferred cloud or datacenter solution for further analysis.

Windfarm Management

By their nature, windfarms produce variable amounts of electricity. Producers need to monitor and anticipate the electricity they’re sending to the grid. Our windfarm management solution combines data from wind turbines at multiple sites to give a view across an entire wind turbine fleet.

Electric Substation Monitoring

Our electric substation monitoring solution provides multiple benefits, including supplementation of existing SCADA-based monitoring with other sensors, reducing the need for on-site visits, and reducing the frequency and duration of outages to improve stats that utilities are measured by (SAIDI and CAIDI).

Utility Vegetation Management

Utilities can spend the largest share of their operating budget on vegetation management. Vegetation management means using trimming, mowing, herbicides and other methods to keep trees and plants from overgrowing power lines. Spend that money where it’s needed: switch from calendar-based scheduling to needs-based scheduling using satellite imagery and smart analytics.

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